How does the smart home work together?

How does the smart home work together?

Compared with traditional bed curtains, smart bed curtains have less running time. You can use your phone for control or voice control, or you can turn your phone on or off periodically. The most important point is that when you are on a business trip, you are worried that a thief has entered the house. You can turn on the light and open the curtains so that the thief can think that there is someone in the house, so that you can cut off the thieves’ desire to come to the house.

Electric curtains are actually very simple. They are composed of electric curtain machine and electric curtain track.

Having said this, let’s talk about one thing we do every day, that is eating. When it comes to eating, we think of the kitchen.

Our biggest fears are gas leaks in the kitchen, fires and forgetting to turn off the water. Can only be used in home systems: combustible gas detectors, smoke detectors, water immersion detectors. These three can help you very well.

In the movie, there will be multiple levels of security in the building, and security guards will patrol the courtyard all night. In fact, you can install multiple smart homes!

Intelligent human infrared detector + smart camera + smart door sensor detector + smart one-key alarm

Intelligent human infrared detectors can use this application to arm or disarm remotely.

This intelligent human infrared detector can not only be used for anti-theft, but also can be connected with the intelligent lighting system at night, and the light can respond quickly!

The smart door sensor can detect the separation state of doors and windows. If someone breaks in illegally, it will directly send an alert and turn on the smart camera. The 15-second video before and after the outline of the camera will be transmitted to the cloud, and the high-resolution avatar will be directly saved. At the same time notify the mobile application.

There are other ways to play smart human infrared detectors!

Human infrared detector + sweeping robot


Post time: Sep-07-2021