Aluminum Alloy Channel Led Strip Light

1. What is aluminum alloy channel led strip light

aluminum alloy channel led strip light = aluminum alloy channel + built-in LED strip + external drive power. Compared with finished LED fluorescent lights, aluminum alloy channel led strip lights are mostly engineering semi-finished products, which are flexible in application and integrate decorative and lighting functions.

The construction and installation of aluminum alloy channel led strip lights should be pre-buried in advance, the driving power supply, the ceiling or wall should be slotted in advance, and the aluminum trough should be cut on site, welding lines, installation and debugging, etc.

There are many styles of non-embedded aluminum alloy channel led strip lights, which are divided into ceiling, wall, foot, floor and cabinet lighting laminate lights from the use function; there are embedded type, card board type, and surface mounting from the installation method , Lifting four kinds.

Different from ordinary decorative aluminum strips, aluminum alloy channel led strip lights usually use high-quality, full-thickness aluminum, because the thicker the aluminum, the better the heat dissipation performance, and the built-in LED strip needs good heat dissipation to ensure it is smaller The light decay rate and longer service life.


2. Construction process of aluminum alloy channel led strip light

1. Pre-bury the line to the power drive in advance, pay attention to the live line

2. The drive power is placed at the air conditioner or downlight inspection port for easy inspection and maintenance

3. Choose the aluminum troughs for line lights of different specifications and open the reserved light slots of the corresponding size

4. Install the light trough: gun nails + glue on the bottom of the light trough

5. Tear off the self-adhesive tape of the LED SMD light, paste it into the light slot, and test the light to check whether there are dead or broken lights.

6. Cover the lightshade and connect to electricity basically completed


Three, aluminum alloy channel led strip light source

The wiring method of the LED patch light strip is the built-in light source of the aluminum alloy channel led strip light strip.

There are two kinds of voltages, 12V and 24V, and the corresponding driving power supply is also divided into 12V and 24V, which cannot be universal. Indoor lighting generally chooses 24V voltage. Generally, indoor lighting circuits are relatively long. The increase in voltage is to prevent the reduced voltage and brightness of the taillights of the light with long lines, which will cause the problem of uneven light emission of the entire light strip. Body layer lights are mainly used, because the wiring in the cabinet is shorter, the lower the voltage, the safer the human body.

The power required to drive the power supply should be configured at more than 1.2 times the power of the LED strips it drives. The purpose is to avoid flashing lights and reduced brightness of the strip taillights due to insufficient power supply; usually manufacturers will help dealers to make full use of the order. Consider the power matching factor.

Another reason why the power requirement of the driving power supply is greater than the power of the driven LED light strip is that the high current generated when the light strip is turned on requires sufficient margin support from the driving power supply to ensure the long-term use of the power supply.

The LED patch strips and driving power used by linear lights must be high-quality products. As the linear lights for lighting instead of the main lights, they need to be lit for a long time and are no longer local decorative lighting for background walls. Can be opened or not. Good quality LED lights have low light decay, high color rendering index, and of course, the most important thing is long life.

Post time: Jul-12-2021