How to Distinguish the Quality of LED Line Lights

1. Look at aluminum

If you want aluminum material to be resistant to deformation and good heat dissipation, you must choose a moderate thickness. It cannot be said that the thicker the aluminum material is the better. Of course, generally speaking, the thinner the aluminum material, the better the heat dissipation performance Poor. Because it is easy to squeeze and deform during installation, the first thing everyone should look at when choosing led line lights is the quality of the aluminum.


Luxury is made of high-grade aluminum alloy raw materials for mold opening, production, and coloring through oxidation, the color is brighter and beautiful. At the same time, we can also provide suitable solutions for customized aluminum materials.


 2, Look at the lamp bead components


There are some unscrupulous linear lamp manufacturers whose quotations advertise how good the raw materials are. Some manufacturers shoddy, but the law of price has always existed. How can they buy good products at cheaper prices?

The customized silk-printed pcb used by our company, and has the luxury logo, and the material chooses rolled copper with good folding resistance and high-quality electrical conductivity. The more the number of lamp beads, the smaller the arrangement spacing, the better the spot effect. 120&180 are avaliable.

In addition, genuine 3m adhesive, taking into account both viscosity and heat

Therefore, the quality of the LED linear lamp, the lamp bead components is also a very important influencing factor. There is also a choice of the number of lamp beads, 120, 180 beads are available, the more the number of lamp beads, the brighter the effect. dissipation In summary,please choose luxury light!!

Post time: Sep-15-2021