Intelligent Lighting System in Home Furnishing Field

Providing comfortable living space The traditional one-on-one-off control method restricts the fast-paced lifestyle of modern people. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of peoples living standards, people have put forward new requirements for home office lighting systems. In addition to controlling the luminous time and brightness of the lighting source, they must also cooperate with the home subsystem to create different applications for different applications. Corresponding lighting scenes, more consideration should be given to intelligent management, simplification of operation and flexibility to adapt to the requirements of future lighting layout and control mode changes. An excellent intelligent lighting system can improve the quality of the family environment and ensure the comfort and health of family life. Therefore, the replacement of traditional switches by network switches and the replacement of traditional lighting systems by smart lighting systems are an inevitable step in the process of home intelligence.

  In the home life, intelligent lighting equipment adjusts the lighting changes in the room by presetting and storing different lighting scenes to cater to the different needs of the room owner. For example, guests may need brighter lighting during visits and parties, while soft lighting is used when enjoying classical music or light music. When the living room is turned into a home theater to watch wonderful movies, the lighting needs to be dimmed. All of this can be operated calmly while sitting on the sofa, saving the trouble of turning on and off the lights one by one. With one button in hand, you can create dream lights as you wish.

  Intelligent lighting control enables all lights in the room to work in a preset manner, and these preset states will work cyclically according to the set program. For example, when we preset the light to turn on at 7 o’clock (or set it according to the time of arrival), when you arrive home after 7 o’clock, the lighting system will automatically enter the working state you set, and it will be based on different Mode slowly adjust the lights in the house.

    The intelligent lighting system enables people to live in the most comfortable state, regardless of the indoor area. With the promotion of intelligent lighting system in the market, it has shown more and more advantages. While such a system brings various functions, it also gives the owner a more comfortable living space.

Post time: Oct-22-2021