Scene of LED Linear Lights

The line light is a new type of light strip, which is composed of light source + aluminum material + ballast. It is not a standard product as we call it, but a non-standard product, so when choosing a light source and ballast It is necessary to calculate the power of the lamp belt and then match the appropriate electronic ballast. I just mentioned that the sex line lamp is a non-standard product. It has the function of lighting and artistic visual effects. The size, color temperature, installation method, and control method will vary according to each independent space.

The length is determined according to the specific space, and it can be spliced at will. The built-in light source can choose different power and color temperature. For example, we mostly use warm light strips in the bedroom, and cold light and natural light strips in the living room.

Linear lights were first used in offices or places with high mobility, and later designers applied it to high-end commercial spaces, home spaces, industrial lighting and other places.

Applications include: display cabinets, aisles, bathrooms, living rooms, stores, bookcases, etc.

Using light as a pen, it outlines the light and shade texture space. It has rich specifications, strong customization, and flexible installation, which is an important means for everyone to pursue “the scenery without lights”. It is mainly used in bookcases, wardrobes, wine cabinets and other places to meet the requirements of lighting functions while creating a refined spatial context.

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Post time: Sep-10-2021