Smart LED Linear Light Control Ways

Smart LED Linear Light Control Ways

With the development of intelligent technology, we now have a variety of control methods in the field of lighting. Today we will take you to take a look at the intelligent control methods of lighting.

Smart touch control

   For users who are accustomed to traditional wall switches, it will be very unsuitable to directly step into the abstract control method. Moreover, when the control system is inevitably bugged, this basic control method is needed at this time. For example, bathroom mirror cabinet doors can have defogging and lighting functions, as well as line lights with touch switches.

Infrared sensor control

   Realizing control through human infrared is nothing new, but this control was quite practical at the time. For example, when human infrared sensors are installed in entrances, corridors, balconies, and toilets, the lights will automatically turn on when they sense the signal, and they will automatically turn off when people walk.

The same is true for the line lights with built-in infrared sensors. The infrared switch installed on the line lights will automatically turn on when someone walks in, while the smart mirror will automatically enter the dormant state if it does not sense a person within a certain period of time.

Hand sweep control

   There are already some game consoles, TV sets, and cameras in life that can realize gesture recognition, and gesture recognition will be widely used in more and more fields.

  In the field of lighting, you can imagine that when we wash our hands in our daily lives, we can use the hand sweep switch to control it. Isnt it super convenient?

Show one of the controls of LED Linear Lights:

Post time: Aug-21-2021