The Unique Charm of Smart Lighting

1. Fully automatic dimming The intelligent lighting control system can work in a fully automatic state. The system has several basic states, these states will automatically switch to each other according to the preset time, and automatically adjust the illuminance to the most suitable level.

2. Full use of natural light sources The building equipment with light control function (such as blinds) can be adjusted to adjust and control natural light, and it can also be linked with the lighting system. When the weather changes, the system can automatically adjust, no matter where or how the weather changes, the system can ensure that the indoor illumination is maintained at a preset level.

3. During operation, the energy-saving intelligent lighting control system can intelligently dim most lamps (including incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, sodium lamps with special ballasts, mercury lamps, neon lamps, etc.), and give it to the place where it is needed and when it is needed. Full lighting. Turn off unnecessary lamps and lanterns in time, make full use of natural light, and fully energy-saving operation. The realization of intelligent lighting control can generally save 20-40% of the electric energy, which not only reduces the user’s electricity bill, but also reduces the pressure on power supply.

4. Extend the life of the light source It is well known that the main reason for the damage of the light source is the over voltage of the power grid. As long as the working voltage is appropriately reduced, the life of the light source can be prolonged. The intelligent lighting control system adopts a soft start method, which can control the impulse voltage and surge voltage of the grid, and protect the filament from thermal shock, thereby prolonging the life of the light source by 2 to 4 times. It has special features for areas where a large number of light sources are used and installation is difficult. significance. In short, the combination of intelligence and lighting technology has built a sufficient technology platform to fully interpret the concepts of green and sustainable lighting such as energy saving, low consumption, long life, operation saving, and people-oriented.

Post time: Oct-19-2021