What is Intelligent Lighting Control Scenarios?

With the continuous development of science and technology, people have a higher pursuit of lighting effects and warm scenes, which are colorful,warm and soft, or dynamic with music. Let these many functions and effects follow your heart. Intelligent lighting control systems have also appeared. The main function is to help everyone control different lamps. Intelligent lighting control systems have been widely used in urban road lighting, tunnel lighting, industrial lighting, commercial lighting, indoor lighting, public lighting and other fields to achieve Remote control, energy saving and smart management. The following editor will introduce home intelligent lighting control scenarios.    

  1. When the morning comes, the bedroom curtains slowly reveal gaps, letting the first ray of sunshine wake me up. As if the melodious piano music is coming from the distant horizon, the beauty in the dream is gradually moving away~
  2. When the sunshine floods the bedroom, the curtains are fully opened, and the lights in the bedroom are gradually extinguished; the light outside the window gradually dims, and the rainy day comes, the indoor light gradually brightens the light outside the window gradually brightens, The sunshine is shining again, and the indoor lamp tube starts to dim again .

3. When night comes, the outdoor light gradually darkens, the bedroom becomes darker, and the curtains close. The bedroom door opens and reveals a ray of light. The top light of the door turns on first, and all the indoor lights are turned on again . Reading mode before sleep appears

4. In the dim mode of the warm atmosphere light, the voice-over: In the night (you can turn on the sleep mode or the control panel appears), the indoor lights gradually go out, the whole house is dark ~ the sound of ticking water sounds, the bedside lights are on, the faint light of the toilet comes on...the indoor light gradually goes out


Post time: Sep-29-2021